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Resolve Environmental Services, PLLC
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Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveys
Resolve maintains certified asbestos sampling personnel to assist our clients in the identification of asbestos containing materials and give advice for proper management and/or abatement.
Asbestos is a problem because, as a toxic substance and a known carcinogen, it can cause several serious diseases in humans. Symptoms of these diseases typically develop over a period of years following asbestos exposure. Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in buildings do not always pose a problem (that is, a hazard) to occupants and workers in those buildings. Intact, undisturbed asbestos-containing materials generally do not pose a health risk. They may become hazardous and pose increased risk when they are damaged, are disturbed in some manner, or deteriorate over time and thus release asbestos fibers into building air.

Resolve can identify ACM's or PACM's (potential asbestos-containing material). However, we do not conduct removal of ACM's.



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