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Resolve Environmental Services, PLLC
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Environmental Site Assessments (ESA's)

Resolve has significant experience with assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. In turn, this experience allows us to help our clients determine whether a recognized environmental concern (REC) is a significant liability or a reasonably manageable problem. REC's do not necessarily represent roadblocks to property transactions. Identifying environmental concerns and potential liabilities associated with ownership of a property can be conducted in a number of ways. Depending on the type of property transaction and the use of the subject site, Resolve will recommend one of the following ESA options (listed in order of most expensive to least expensive):

• Phase I ESA (ASTM E1527-05)
  “All Appropriate Inquiry”

• Phase I ESA (ASTM E1527-00)

• Transaction Screen (ASTM E1528-06)

• Environmental Screening Inspection

On commercial or undeveloped land, many clients find that a Transaction Screen or Environmental Screening Inspection provides sufficient due diligence to proceed with property transactions. Sometimes in conjunction with limited sampling, we can quickly identify REC's and reduce the time and expense associated with assessment activities.

If REC(s) are identified on or adjacent to the subject site, then Resolve may recommend that a Phase II ESA is conducted which consists of limited sampling activities. Normally, soil and/or ground water samples are collected and submitted to a state certified laboratory for analysis of target compounds. Once results are obtained, the client is armed with the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding the property transaction.


Successful businesses employ appropriate due diligence to avoid unpleasant surprises, protect themselves from financial liability and manage risks.


1. ESA's completed prior to listing a property allow Owners to:

  • Address issues that impact property valuations
  • Restore asset value
  • Speed negotiations and closing
  • Eliminate delays and lost deals
2. When completed prior to purchase, ESA's allow Buyers to:
  • Discover environmental liabilities
  • Avoid costly cleanup from undisclosed and possibly unknown conditions, including underground
    storage tanks, spills, leaks, and waste deposits
  • Negotiate cleanup responsibility prior to closure
  • Avoid "owning the problem"
3. Provides assurance to banks and lending institutions
4. Speeds loan applications and the lending process
5. Reduces risk

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